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Being part of a generation that is addicted to watching skincare routine videos online, we’re always on the hunt for that godsend product that’ll transform our skin forever. In our new monthly beauty picks segment, the Libas Now team shares their skincare secrets, from new buys to holy grail products that all of us just can’t live without. If you share some of our skincare woes, try these highly recommended products.

Tehmina Khan
Art and Lifestyle Editor

Product recommendation: La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Fluid – using it since almost two months.

I have extremely sensitive skin prone to eczema and on top of that I broke out in an allergy on my face while I was in Doha recently. The pharmacist recommended this fluid and it has been a Godsend. I hate greasy formulas so this is extremely hydrating while also being extremely light. It absorbs ultra-fast and is so soothing. I carry one in my bag and have one at home. Cannot live without it now.

Nur Zehra Qadri
Fashion and Beauty Editor

Product recommendation: Lanolips – The Original 101 Ointment – using it for two months

This ointment is a winter skin savior like no other! The formula is all natural, a 100% pure lanolin; which is a form of sheep grease, FYI. I know that sounds disgusting but it has zero fragrance in it and goes through multiple medical grade purifying procedures. Lanolin is known to have a unique molecular structure that mimics our skin’s natural oils, hence is an ideal hydrating product for dry skin. It has done wonders for my eczema prone skin, healing sand-paper-dry patches that would only subside with steroidal creams in the past. I bought it on Cult Beauty, delivery takes about two weeks. I’ve already ordered a dozen more!

Saneela Jawad
Asst. Entertainment Editor

Product recommendation: Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil – using it for four years

I started using it in 2016 and it was a God sent gift. Having acne prone and blemished skin – this product proved to be a miracle. Not only did it decrease acne marks and blemishes, it also gave me fresher, younger looking skin (P.S. if that’s even a thing)

Mahnum Kabir
Fashion and Beauty Contributing Editor

Product recommendation: Rose water mixed with Glycerin and Khaadi’s Vitamin C

This might be basic but the fool-proof thing for my combination skin, all around the year, is rose-water mixed with glycerin spray. I make it myself by just mixing about a quarter of glycerin into the rose water spray that you get locally and I use it throughout the day when my skin feels dry. It provides the perfect mix of moisture and hydration and evens out my skin tone too. If I need a bit of extra moisture on top I’m loving Khaadi’s vitamin C moisturiser.

Momina Sibtain
Entertainment Editor

Product recommendation: Herbivore Botanicals Emerald Oil.

I keep my skincare routine super simple! I apply fresh yoghurt for tightening my skin and gram flour for cleansing it. Another thing I’m absolutely obsessed with is the Herbivore Botanicals Emerald Oil. It’s a derivative of Cannabis Sativa and I’ve seen incredible results ever since I’ve started using it. Because of it my skin is glowy, moisturized and even toned!

Semul A. Dodhy
Asst. Fashion and Beauty Editor

Product recommendation: Oilatum Cream – using it for seven months.

Having to maintain combination skin is a tedious job specially if your skin is super sensitive and reacts to almost everything. Under such conditions I have to select the products I use very carefully and the idea of using Oilatum came to me as a revelation one fine day when my sister was using it on her four-year-old daughter. Oilatum is generally used on kids with eczema, thus the formula is suitable for very sensitive skin and has no artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals that react to my skin. So, after spending 23 years of my life without it, I have finally come across a moisturiser that is very mild for my skin but does the job quite right! It’s light on my skin and doesn’t promote any breakouts on my T-Zone, which is super oily and tends to breakout easily. I would definitely recommend Oilatum to all the girls out there with sensitive skin.

Meerub Jamil
Asst. Fashion and Beauty Editor

Product recommendation: The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid + B5 – Using it for two months

Having super dry skin in the winters, the product that became my savior is Hyaluronic Acid + B5 by The Ordinary. Just 2 drops mixed into my moisturizer does wonders. And the best part is that this product also prevents fine lines and wrinkles as it retains moisture in your skin.

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